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Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)

One of the most prominent programs managed by the Canada Express Entry System is the Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program.

On January 2015, with the aim to process fast and transparent Citizenship and Immigration Canada introduced an electronic method to manage the Permanent Resident/immigration applications. The Express Entry is based on point system Comprehensive and Ranking System where candidates get a score on their each credentials. This new system aims to make it much quicker and easy for skilled foreign workers to gain permanent residence visas than before. The successful applicants will have his/her application processed in six months under Express Entry program.

Under Express Entry system, applicants will be able to submit an application electronically to the Canadian government. Employers who are seeking foreign skilled workers will have access to some information from the database and will be able to select suitable candidates. The top ranking candidates will be picked unconcerned to the fact that they are accepted in the pool.

Professionals of all countries across the world with eligible skills and qualification that are high in demand in Canada and who have an extensive ability to fulfil the requirements of Canadian Immigration can apply for a Permanent Resident visa under Federal Skilled worker program and settle permanently in Canada.


What is Permanent Resident Visa?

A Permanent Resident visa, much popularly known as a PR visa is an official permit a national of a specific country must obtain in order to reside in other international countries for a long period of time. To be eligible for a PR visa of Canada or any prominent country, the basic requirement is to be a skilled worker, i.e. an educated and experienced professional.


Benefits of PR

On gaining a Permanent Residency of Canada under the FSW program, PR visa holders get to enjoy the following benefits :



Eligible Candidates if applying for Canadian permanent residence need to go with 4 easy steps.

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Stage 1
Educational Credential Assessment

The ECA process will help determine if the foreign educational credential is authentic and equivalent to a completed credential in Canada. For prospective applicants, the ECA can provide a realistic understanding of how their foreign educational credentials are likely to be recognized in Canada.

Stage 2

Complete your English language test by taking IELTS GT. Once the candidate is ready with his ECA report and IELTS score card then he / she can file EE.

Stage 3
Complete an online Express Entry profile

Candidates for Canadian permanent residence who are eligible for one of the federal economic immigration programs make an expression of interest in immigrating to Canada by creating an online profile. They provide information about their skills, work experience, language ability, education, and other personal information. Candidates who meet the criteria of one of the aforementioned federal economic immigration programs are placed in a pool of candidates who are ranked according to a Comprehensive Ranking System. If a candidate does not already have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer or a provincial nomination, he or she must register with Canada's Job Bank. It is important that the information provided is accurate, as providing false information could disqualify an applicant from re-entering the pool for a number of years.

Stage 4
Settlement Funds

In addition to scoring at least 67 eligibility points and having experience in one of the Skill Type O (managerial occupations) or Skill Level A (professional occupations) or B (technical occupations and skilled trades) on the Canadian National Occupational Classification list. Individuals applying for Canadian immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker are required to show proof of funds to demonstrate that they can economically establish themselves in Canada.

Applicants with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner can include the money they have together under a joint bank account. It is important, however, for an applicant to provide written proof that he or she has access to the money once an Express Entry Invitation to Apply (ITA) is issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The required settlement funds must be equal to or greater than the sums listed below for each family size.

Number of family members Funds required (CAD)
1 $12,669
2 $15,772
3 $19,390
4 $23,542
5 $26,701
6 $30,114
7 $33,528
For each additional family member $3,414



Canada Immigration Department has set certain parameters when it comes to the selection of eligible PR visa applicants. In order to apply for this visa under FSW and enjoy a Permanent Residency in Canada, one must possess the following:

  • Have an age in the range of 18-55 years
  • Have minimum Bachelor’s Degree as qualification
  • Possess at least 2 yrs. work experience
  • Ability to read, write & speak English language
  • Good health & moral character
  • Eligible score in the points-based selection system


  • Complete immigration Documentation & Application Processing
  • Document checklist
  • Guidance for Professional Registration Application
  • Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing
  • Guidance on acquiring the specific Police Clearance Certificate
  • Assistance with Medicals Clearance Certificate
  • Updates & Follow up with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Visa Interview Preparation - if required
  • Pre-Post Land Services
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Relocation Guidance
  • Job Search Assistance

Six Selection Factors

On meeting the eligibility criteria stated above, applicants of Canada Immigration must evaluate their profile as per the Canada points-based selection system. Following factors are considered and points are allotted to each factor, accordingly.

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As Canada lacks talented youth, it prefers young immigrants to migrate to Canada as permanent residents. While Canada accepts immigrants who are even aged 55 years, the highest points are for people in the age range of 18 yrs.’ to 35. Canada immigration applicants in this range get max 12 points for their age. However, with age increase, points are reduced- the lowest being 0 points for 50- 55 yr. old applicants.


Canada PR visa applicants can score maximum 25 points for their qualification. Applicants with the highest Canadian educational degree, PhD or Master’s Degree from a registered University generally get this highest score. However, a Bachelor’s degree holder is also eligible to apply for Canada PR visa- being entitled to very minimum points.

Work Experience

A min of 2 yrs.’ of work experience is mandatory for Canada immigration. Since Canada demands skilled immigration, applicants with the highest employment and work experience get the highest score, i.e. 15 points. The important aspect related to employment is that the applicant’s occupation must be listed under Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Language (English or French)

To be able to immigrate to Canada on a PR visa, an applicant must have good English language skills. Canadian immigration demands the applicant to prove his English language skills by passing an authorised English language test, most preferably IELTS. If the applicant is able to score required IELTS in all four components of the language proficiency test- reading, writing, speaking & listening- he will be allotted with maximum 24 out of 28 points for his English language ability. Along with the English language, if the applicant possesses French language skills, it would be an added advantage for his Canada immigration. On proving these skills through CELPIP, IELTS or TEF, he/she can claim additional 4 points under the language skills factor.


Factors like previous Canadian employment experience or education from Canada, or both are counted for one’s adaptability. If an applicant possesses any of these adaptability factors, he will be allotted a max score of 10 points for his/her Canada immigration application.

Arranged Employment

While having a job offer is not mandatory to receive an ITA for Canada immigration, an arranged employment or a valid job offer in hand from a Canadian employer will boost one’s chances for an additional score. An applicant can score max. 10 points on his Canada PR Visa application for an employment offer in prior.